BVW Virtual Vehicle Parade

Here it is... our fantastic Virtual Vehicle Parade 2020, thank you every body who took part

BVW Virtual Vehicle Parade

Unfortunately due to various reasons, we cannot hold the Vehicle Parade during BVW this year...

However that doesn't  mean we can't have any vehicle based fun. So we are going to have a Virtual Vehicle Parade. Basically if you can send us a small movie clip we can edit them all together, and release the film at 1pm Aug 9th 2020 via our website and Social Media.

We need your help... if you record a maximum of 10 seconds of your Vehicle Driving from Right to Left across the screen and send it to us. If that's too complicated, just send a Photo. Nothing rude please. Try and keep your number plate out of the clip/photo. Ideally if you can send it your clip in MP4 format, but don't worry too much, we have technology. We have a Demo video.

Apart from that anything goes really bikes, pretend vehicles, vehicles pretending to be something, toys, carties, Go carts....

You can upload your files via our entry form below...or by sending us a link to your file...or email or via our social media accounts...we cannot accept betamax tapes